Our Services

OFA operates a number of services as well as multiple research projects. 

OFA is dedicated to helping Orkney's fishing industry become more sustainable, more profitable, and safer

As well as making sure the voice of the local fishing community is heard in both local and national issues OFA offers a number of services to make the day-to-day life of a fisherman a bit easier

To find out more about our services please click on one of the boxes to the right.

We have also been involved in many research projects. Click here to find out more about them. 

Our office is manned 8:30-16:00 Mondays to Fridays

Orkney Marine Oil

Orkney Marine Oil was founded by OFA to help commercial boats accross the Orkney islands have cheaper and regular access to fuel. Click here to learn more.

Storage Facilities

Orkney Fisheries Association leases a building on Kirkwall pier so fishermen can store and mend their gear sheltered from the harsh Orkney weather. If you are interested in finding out more give us a call on (+44) 01856 871 818 or click here to send us a message.

Life Jacket Service

Life jackets are so important for your personal safety. OFA works with Northlink Ferries to ship your life jackets free to DH Marine in Lerwick for a servicing. You can drop your life jackets off at the North Link office at Kiln Corner, Kirkwall. Click here for the form you will need to fill in. Click here to learn more about the RNLIs national drowning prevention campaign. Follow the instructions to the right to learn how to do basic checks to make your life jacket is in good gondition -->

Solutions for Individuals

Staff are available to assist with individual issues arising for fishermen relating to all aspects of their business. If staff cannot directly assist they will investigate with the appropirate agencies.

Responding to Planning Applications

OFA receive and respond on behalf of members to proposals affecting fisheries short or long term in Orkney waters including fish farm applications, marine renewable device developments, oil and gas pipe lines, communications cables, seismic surveys and nature and conservation designations.

Grants and Funding

OFA make grant applications collectively or individually on behalf of members. Just tell us what you need and we will see what we can do.

Representing Your Views

OFA attend industry related meetings and conferences outwith Orkney on behalf of members that are of relevance to the Orkney fishery. OFA attend Scottish Fishermen's Federation Meetings (SFF) and are represented on their Sub Committees, Focus Groups, SFF Services Ltd and Scottish Fishermen's Trust. OFA facilitate liaison with Orkney Sustainable Fisheries Ltd, the recognised Inshore Fisheries Group for Orkney. OFA work positively with and lobby the case of Orkney fishermen with Orkney Islands Council, Scottish Government, UK Government and the EU on matters that relate to the Orkney Fishery

Researching Orkney's Fisheries

OFA facilitate fishery research directed by the members and liaise with scientists to provide sound methodology and break down barriers between fishermen and the scientific community. Click here to learn more about our research projects.