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Orkney Fisheries Association is a trade body representing the interests of Orkney's fishing fleet.

OFA works closely with fishermen, scientists and other fishing organisations to represent the interests of Orkney's fishing industry, promote sustainable fishing practices and to help improve the knowledge of the marine environment and the species within it. 


Our key aims are: 

  • Representing Orkney fishermen in local and national decisions

  • To prevent the loss of fishing opportunities and grounds within Orkney

  • Improving the onboard safety of Orkney fishermen

  • Ensuring the sustainability of Orkney's inshore fisheries

  • Increasing our knowledge and understanding of fishing stocks and the Orcadian environment


OFA is affiliated with the Scottish Fishermen's Federation and is a founding member of the Community and Inshore Fisheries Alliance.

Interested in becoming a fisherman? Click here to find out how!



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