Meet The Team

Jake Hutchison

Jake lives and works in Westray on the Maggie J following in his father's footsteps. He's also a musician and footballer!

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Fiona Matheson

Fiona is the secretary (and heart) of OFA who works hard putting together funding applications, representing the needs of Orkney's fishing fleet at local and national events and liaises with other maritime sectors to safeguard the activity of local fishermen. 

Favourite Orkney Sea Creature: Sillock

Christine Rosie

Christine is the head of Orkney Marine Oil, working hard to make sure the 8 tanks around the Orkney islands are fully stocked and operational.


She is also the administrative and financial support staff for OFA.

Martin Foulis

Martin is a skipper of the creel boat Alison Marie as well as being an OFA Chair. He fishes from Kirkwall and in the east of Orkney. 

Favourite Orkney Sea Creature: Crab and Lobster!

Tommy Tulloch

Tommy is the skipper of the Keila as well as being the Chair of OFA. He fishes for whitefish around the east and west of Orkney as well as in the Atlantic and North Sea. 

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The management committee of OFA is elected from the membership every year at the AGM. They employ staff to run the association on their behalf. 

Robbie Hutchison
Kenny Budge
Jocky Harcus

Committee member

skipper of Maggie J K271

Mixed fishery vessel Westray

Committee member

skipper of Shaunette FR29

Creel vessel Westray

Committee member

skipper of Caspian K994

Creel vessel Hoy

James Clouston

Committee member

skipper of Enterprise A

Creel vessel Tingwall

Gary Miller

Committee member

skipper of Millenium PE 108

Scallop dive vessel Kirkwall

Emlyn Grieve

Committee member

skipper of Three Boys K905

Scallop dive vessel Kirkwall

Laurie Grieve

Committee member

skipper of Revelry K100

Creel vessel Kirkwall

Ian Spence

Committee member

skipper of Birsay Boy K17

Scallop vessel  Scapa

Sean Dennison

Committee Member 

Skipper of Queline K1138

Creel vessel


Paul Tulloch

Graham Robertson

Committee Member

Skipper New Venture

Creel vessel Westray K112

Committee Member

Skipper Valhalla K317