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Green Development Project 2017-2019

A two-year EMFF-funded project focusing on making Orkney's fisheries more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. 

Orkney Fisheries Association is committed to safeguarding the future of Orkney's fishing industry. Our Green Development Project has allowed us to employ two researchers to look into the different ways Orkney can become more sustainable.


Cara Duncan (MSc Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology) has been exploring ways to 

make the fishing industry more efficient by reducing by-catch and improving species selectivity. She has also been looking at how we can increase the sustainability of the industry by making a seasonal time table for different commercial species and by mapping the carbon footprint of the inshore fleet. 

See all of Cara's reports here




Hannah Fennell (MSc Marine Resource Management) has been exploring the value of Orkney's fishing industry. She has been exploring economic values of the industry at a community, national, and international scale by mapping the supply chains used by the Orcadian fishing industry. She has also  explored the social and cultural values of the industry, including a project examining the roles of women in the fishing industry and how knowledge is transferred between individuals. 

Read Hannah's report here

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