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How to Prepare a Lobster


A cooked lobster (see our recipe on how to cook), paper towels, a good-sized bowl to put the meat in, a skewer, and a rolling pin (or something else heavy).


The Claws:

  1. Remove the claws - give them a twist where they meet the body. 

  2. Snap the claws into separate sections, keeping both the large bit and the pincer whole. 

  3. Pull back on the smallest pincer until it snaps off, ad keep pulling it back. Save any meat that is attached. 

  4. Take the rest of the claw, and use your rolling pin to give it a sharp tap to crack (not smash!) it like you would an egg. Do this on both sides, then peel the shell away. 

The Legs: 

  1. Remove the legs the same way you did the claws.

  2. Using the rolling pin, roll it along the legs, pushing the meat out. 

The Tail: 

  1. Grab the head in one hand, and the tail in the other. Give them a twist in opposite directions to separate them. 

  2. Grab the tail, and either split it in half using your hands, or take your scissors and snip down the length of the shell on either side. 

  3. Peel away the shell

  4. Pick out the vein (which looks like a black line), either by cutting the vein in half length ways or use a skewer to pick it out

  5. Use a skewer to pick out any last bits of meat. ​

Top Tips: 

  • Save the shell fragments and use them to make a seafood stock for paella, cullen skink, or more. 

Source: BBC Goodfood

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